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You eat good food to stay healthy – and it should be the same for your dog. That’s why they deserve the best from Burns Quality Pet Foods in Bolton. High in protein, low in fat, healthy and completely gluten free, it tastes good and will keep them feeling good. Whether it’s frozen meats or natural treats, Burns products will keep tails wagging.

There are two things that count the most in food – quality and taste. We’re passionate about providing only the highest quality meat products, all made from fresh and completely natural ingredients. And you wouldn’t want to eat something that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months, and neither would your dog, that’s why we prepare all our products fresh every week.

You only want the best for your dog, and so do we. Have you got questions about our food or what to feed your dog? Click on the ‘Feeding Guide’ tab where we give more information on diet and best feeding practice.

Please use the 'Contact Us' form if you need any more information, we'll be glad to help.

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